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    Reasunos Semiconductor Technology Co.,  Ltd  start from 2007, it’s a high technology enterprise which specializing in product design and marketing on Power Semiconductor. The Chinese operating center is located in Dongguan Tian’an Cyber Park which it’s national science and technology industry innovation center.
   The professional R & D team mainly come from Taiwan, Japan and China mainland . With  strong  R & D  experience  and  manufacturing  capacity, Reasunos gained many certifications , which including Intellectual Property System Certification, ISO9001 and RoHS & REACH environmental certification as well. Supply more than 500KK excellent performance’s products to the market every year. The products sold at home and abroad.
   The core products are including High Voltage MOSFET, Low Voltage MOSFET,Super Junction MOSFET, Embedded FRD HV MOS, SiC MOSFET, IGBT, SiC Schottky Barrier Diode, Low VF Schottky Diode, series of Diode & Bridge etc. Reasunos' products are widely used in Switching Power, LED Lighting, Motor Driver, Automobile Electronic, New Energy Charging Pile, Solar Energy, Digital Home Appliance,Security Industrial etc.