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In 30th May, Hangzhou 12nd Electrical Driver Seminar was held in Hangzhou. Reasunos Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd General Manager Barry Liu show up with his technical team.

(In the middle is Liu Zhiqiang, general manager of Reasunos Semiconductor.Left is Vice President of the company, Longli, and right is Tang Hongfei, Director of R&D Technology.
In this Seminar, aim to support enterprise reduce the manufacturing cost and enhance competitiveness, the subject are including: High speed low noise electrical, Single chip solution, New energy car electrical control technical, High efficiency and low cost electrical control solution, New components on electrical driver, etc.

(Pictures of the Seminar Site)

Reasunos General Manager Barry Liu said that, there is much improvement in electrical driver filed, Reasunos as to be upstream of electrical driver, will keep the raw materials quality strictly, and develop the R & D, keep upgrade to guarantee the better quality.

Reasunos General Manager Liu Zhiqiang Pictures at the Conference Site)
Reasunos show its core products in the Seminar, and many customers have great interesting on Reassunos products.





       There is the big success in this electrical driver Seminar, Reasunos will also keep moving on product innovation with the cooperation partners.