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Reasunos’ representative Visited Guangdong National Defense Promotion Center

20th June. Reasunos along with Nanfang Daily and Tencent news media representatives were sent to Guangdong national defense technology and industrial technology achievements industrialization application and promotion center to visit and study on the integration of military and civilian innovation and development.

Located in Shishan lihe science and technology park, nanhai district, foshan, guangdong national defense science and technology industry industrialization application and promotion center, Guangdong national defense promotion center, which was officially launched in August 2017, is the only public service platform for military-civilian integration of defense science, technology and industry at the provincial level in guangdong province, and is a key construction unit of the province.

For Reasunos’ team visited, Office director Tang Xiong on behalf of the Guangdong national defense promotion center expressed a warm welcome. Tang Xiong said that, Civil-military integration is the modernization of national defense and the army into the economic and social development system, comprehensively promote economic, science and technology, education, talent and other fields of fusion, in a wider range, higher administrative levels, deeper extent, the modernization of national defense and the army with economic and social development, to realize the modernization of national defense and the army with rich resources and the sustainable development of the steam

Gao Jun, senior adviser of Guangdong national defense promotion center, xiang aihong, deputy minister, sun nan, senior assistant and other staff also warmly received the rayson delegation.While thanking for the gracious reception, representatives of resen also brought the friendly greetings from Mr. Liu zhiqiang, founder and general manager of Reasunos Semiconductor, and Mr. Long li, Deputy general manager, to all the leaders.
Tang Xiong director stressed: "for the enterprises and scientific research units, we applied the significance of a promotion center is in the enterprise of potential military value, scientific research institutes to promote the Guangdong defense imperial public service platform, and provide policy support, demand docking, qualification, military operations, project declaration, such as services, actively guide and promote advantage enterprises enter the market of military products, strive to cultivate and build a group of people joined the emerging enterprises."
Deng Hua, Reasunos' brand planning director, explained: "Reasunos, founded in 2007, is a high-tech company devoted to R&D and sales of power semiconductor devices.In 2013, Reasunos Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. was registered and established. Its headquarter is located in Dongguan Tian 'an Cyber Park, and it also has Zhangjiagang R&D center, Taiwan R&D center and Japanese product verification center.It is worth mentioning that our products are completely from our independent research and development.

In the process of enterprise development, we are looking forward to further brand incubation and technology incubation of Reasunos Semiconductor with the support of government support.As a military-civilian integration technology trading incubation platform, we are looking forward to the in-depth cooperation between the two sides, so that Reasunos can join the emerging enterprise team of "civilian army" as soon as possible, and provide service for the collaborative innovation of military-civilian technology!"
Reasunos Technical Director Tang Hong Fei said that, our professional R & D team mainly come from Taiwan, Japan and China mainland .With  strong  R & D  experience  and  manufacturing  capacity, Reasunos gained many Intellectual Property, and New High-Tech Enerprise Certification in 2018. Reasunos provide more than 500KK excellent performance’s semiconductor to the market every year. All the products had passed RoHS & REACH environmental certification and ISO9001 as well. Products are widely used in Switching Power, LED Lighting, Motor Driver, Automobile Electronic, New Energy Charging Pile, Solar Energy, Digital Home Appliance,Security Industrial etc. The product sells at home and abroad.
The core products are including High Voltage MOSFET, Low Voltage MOSFET,SuperJunction MOSFET, Embedded FRD HV MOS,SiC MOSFET, IGBT,SiC Schottky Barrier Diode, Low VF Schottky Diode, series of Diode & Bridge etc. And the new product High power factor Ultra Low-Flicker driver IC.

At last,  Reasunos’ team followed Guangdong defense extension center, visited the civil-military integration synergy innovation exhibition hall, for the construction of the center content, development, industrialization prospect and the enterprises since the transformation of achievements, its representative said: "Through this visit and learn, not only deepens our understanding of the functions of your center, also broadened our horizons, update our ideas."Both sides also hope to conduct further exchanges and further promote friendly cooperation.