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Reasunos Participated The 14th (Shunde) Home Appliance Intelligent And Wireless Control Technology Seminar

The 14th (Shunde) Home Appliance Intelligent And Wireless Control Technology Seminar was hold at Foshan Shunde Gordon Hotel in 19th July.
This session focused on the intelligent design of home appliances, touch control, control sensor and wireless transmission technology solutions, and invited the well-known solutions for home appliances enterprises to analyze the industry technology and market trend.
As the preferred brand of Green Power Semiconductor, Reasunos was invited to participate in this event and bring new technologies and products in the field of smart home appliances to people. The core products are including High Voltage MOSFET, Low Voltage MOSFET,Super Junction MOSFET, Embedded FRD HV MOS,SiC MOSFET, SiC Schottky Barrier Diode, Low VF Schottky Diode, and the new product High power factor Ultra Low-Flicker driver IC which can truly solve the stroboscopic problem of LED power supply.
Reasunos staff introduced, Intelligent and wireless control of home appliances is now an industrial upgrading revolution in the home appliance industry. However, industrial upgrading needs often rely on semiconductor technology and product innovation. The new products or new generation technical solutions of Reasunos are applied in the field of intelligent home appliances, and all the indexes have reached the leading level in the industry.
In the exhibition hall of this symposium on intelligent and wireless control technology of home appliances, the series of products and technical solutions of Reasunos attracted many visitors and won the attention and favor of many system buyers and engineers.
Reasunos, founded in 2007, is a high-tech company devoted to R&D and sales of power semiconductor devices. The company's r&d team mainly comes from Taiwan, Japan and mainland.With excellent performance of products, strong technical strength and rich experience, Reasunos become the preferred system supplier in Switching Power, LED Lighting, Motor Driver, Automobile Electronic, New Energy Charging Pile, Solar Energy, Digital Home Appliance,Security Industrial etc.It has also become the optimal power device and IC for R&D and design personnel in various fields of the electronic industry. The product sells at home and abroad.
Reasunos’ founder and General Manager Barry Liu sated that, On the exploration of power semiconductor technology, Reasunos always adheres to the spirit of excellence, and continues to optimize and innovate on the original mature technology. From MOS to IC, products will continue to be enriched and expanded, so that the majority of users can enjoy more extreme and comprehensive product services.