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Reasunos Semiconductor Attended 2019 Power Supply Seminar At Chengdu

This seminar, main topics including equipment and micro grid power quality in power electronic modeling and control methods, IOT wireless connection technology and radio frequency testing, IOT testing plan, EMI analysis and design skills, etc., A number of technical experts and senior scholars were invited to participate in the meeting, and also attracted hundreds of engineers to attend.
Reasunos is a high-tech enterprise devoted to the research, development and sales of power semiconductor devices, and a global supplier of preferred systems for security engineering, electronic communication, automotive electronics, digital home appliances, computers, wireless remote control, intelligent lighting and other fields.As invited key enterprises, Reasunos’team also attended the meeting.

Liu zhiqiang, General Manager of Reasunos, said: "the world generates more than 20 trillion watts of electricity a year, most of which need to be converted by switching power technology to be used in consumer electronics, industry, automobile, medical and other fields.As a semiconductor company, Reasunos will make great efforts in the selection and optimization of power semiconductor devices, so as to make the switching power technology applied in related fields more energy-saving, efficient, safer and economical.
​This seminar brings the leading companies and engineers in related industries to gain technology and experience, as well as opportunities to cooperate in some projects in the power industry.Reasuons General Manager Liu Zhiqiang said: domestic power industry has been mature after years of development, the current problem is how to develop in the mature, in the green development, otherwise it will weaken the competitiveness of enterprises.In this issue, Reasunos is full of confidence, will move towards the goal of environmental protection and energy saving green products, seize the emerging power market, to provide with more perfect technology  products!