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Reasunos show up in 31th LED Lighting and Driver Seminar

With the development of Internet and Intellectual Technology, LED market become more important. 31th LED Lighting and Driver Seminar was held in Ningbo successfully.

Many electronic experts attended In this Seminar, discussed the new technology. As be to be the famous industry enterprise, Reasunos also show its core products and new parts.

Reasunos technical director introduced the new product: High PF Ultra Low-Flicker Driver IC. Which can solve the driver flicker problem.


Reasunos General Manager Barry Liu said that, Reasunos will follow the market trend, focus on innovation, create “Chinese Chip”.
In this two days, Reasunos team attended Hangzhou 12nd Electrical Driver Seminar & Ningbo 31th LED Lighting and Driver Seminar, tight schedule but collected many new industry information.