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Hosted by bitbit information, the AI+IOT and smart home technology seminar opened with a grand ceremony. Many business leaders gathered together to focus on various problems and discuss solutions. In order to jointly discuss industry problems, a number of industry leaders were also invited to exchange experience of AI+IOT integration.
More than 100 executives and experts from domestic manufacturing enterprises, technology companies and research institutions participated in the event to discuss the market dynamics of China's smart home industry, the application and potential development opportunities of AI+IOT and smart home, and share first-class practices and experiences of some enterprises' "going global" operation from multiple perspectives.

This speaker focused on explaining the scheme design of public health care, analyzing the data analysis of cloud platform, the practical application of AI algorithm, including the follow-up management and services, the application of voice AI chip in the intelligent home scene, the application of intelligent voice interaction technology in the home, and the intelligent home cloud platform and ecological chain

This seminar focuses on off-line power solutions for the smart home product ecosystem.How to simplify the design of high-efficiency AC/DC power converters with ultra-low standby power consumption, meet the requirements of new building codes, reduce the size and shorten the design cycle time will be discussed.

As the preferred brand of green power semiconductor, Reasunos has become a long-term partner in the global switching power supply, green lighting, motor drive, automotive electronics, new energy charging piles, solar energy equipment, digital appliances, security engineering and other industries.Through continuous research and innovation, we are committed to providing customers with green, energy saving and efficient power semiconductor products and solutions to provide strong support for customers' success.

Reasunos Semiconductor General Manager Zhiqiang Liu also said: although the current lack of intelligent home range and scale of accurate definition and statistics, but the future huge market potential by all parties generally recognized.As the best channel for the intelligent upgrading of traditional industries, AI+IOT has become an inevitable trend of the development of the Internet of things.In the IoT based market, connected scenarios (such as smart home, autonomous driving, smart healthcare, smart office) are becoming more and more.With the explosion of intelligent terminal equipment, Reasunos will grasp the trend, vigorously develop and innovate, continuously launch semiconductor products that meet the market demand and the trend of The Times, create a better "China Chip", expand the business scope of solutions, and promote the development of IoT technology market.

Ruisen booth attracted countless attention in this seminar
Attracts many engineer friends to come and communicate
Rysen Team Speaking Professionally

The seminar last past bright window of elite and many industry experts, experts and scholars in the field of with peer companies, learning and communication, for the future of the smart home industry, AI + IOT started landing fusion in intelligent household in the practical application, combined with AI + IOT also make smart home also release greater development potential. Under this background, the Reasunos’ team will speed up the technology research and development and the importance of strategic layout, intelligent household with AIoT layout, data change business nature, smart redefine industry boundaries.