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PartNo. Package The wafer size The smallest packaging Typical applications DataSheet
RS206-RS210  D3K 50MIL Adapter charger    
RS306-RS310  D3K 72MIL Adapter charger    
RS406-RS410  D3K 84MIL Adapter charger    
RS606-RS610  D3K 84MIL Adapter charger    
MB6S-MB10S 0.8A  MBS 46MIL Charger    
MB6F-MB10F 0.8A  MBF 46MIL Charger    
MB6S-MB10S 1A  MBS 50MIL Charger    
MB6F-MB10F 1A  MBF 50MIL Charger    
ABS06-ABS10 1A  ABS 60MIL Charger (Fast Charging)    
DB101-DB107  DB 50MIL Charger    
ABS06-ABS10 0.8A  ABS 50MIL Charger    
DB101S-DB107S  DBS 50MIL Charger